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AIDS! What If?
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    Shortly before and on World AIDS Day, in Novermber 2005, there were many, many fund-raisers being held. As it was a European TV station I was watching, only that activities conducted in Europe were reported. From them, I got the impression that the main task was to promote "AIDS-awareness", convince people of the danger the virus presents. In every report, it was emphasized that everything possible must be done to prevent the virus from spreading any further. Although it was reported that over 40 million people around the world are infected with the virus, none of the reports mentioned how any of the monies had or would be spent. That started me to wonder about what is being done for AIDS victims, particularly in non-Western countries, where people typically don't have the money to pay $100 for dinners at benifits.

    For me, AIDS has been a difficult theme. For fear of saying the wrong thing, I've been reluctant to make any comments on my site. Now I'm convinced that I have acted irresponsibly: Being part of the collective, everyone shares the responsibility of doing whatever can to combat AIDS and support its vitictims -- including me! Consider this writing a small contribution toward those aims.

    After doing just a little research on the Internet, I realized that people, companies and countries who should feel as I do, those who have the means and methods to prolonge lives and prevent the spread of AIDS, don't. From the information readily available, it is apparent that they have no scruples about making that fact public, by whatever means. In this article, I want to share with you what I believe is most probably the reason.

    Just after a few queries, I found some horrible AIDS statistics. You should have a look for yourself, if you haven't already. Here is a brief sum of what I found:
    World estimates are that since 1981, 25 million people have died of AIDS and that in Africa, there are 12 million AIDS orphans; 46% of all those living with AIDS are women, 57% of them live in the sub-Sahran region of Africa; Young people between the ages of 15 and 24 account for half of all new HIV infections; AIDS is the number 1 cause of death amongst Blacks between the ages of 15 and 24 years of age; More than 6,000 young people between the ages of 15 and 24 become infected everyday; Of the 6.5 million people in "developing" and "transitional" countries that need life-saving AIDS drugs, only 1 million are receiving them. AIDS medication, antiretrovirals, were developed by pharmceutical companies in wealthy Western countries and these hold all of the patents.

    As seen above, the majority of all AIDS victims live on the poverty stricken continent of Africa, where any and every imagineable help is desperately needed. But, not much is being done there. Even after some non-Western countries were allowed the "privilege" of producing low-cost variations of some of the antiretrovirals, that hasn't been enough to offset the human sufferage the virus is reeking. The possibility of producing the antiretrovirals cheaper has done litle more than provide these people a faint chance of helping themselves. Why? For sub-Saharan Africans, anti-AIDS drugs are still unafordable! To coincide with that, there are too few medical professionals onhand to adminster what is available. There are little to no facilities or medical supplies to even care for the dying! There are no U.N.O. blue helmets around. As a result, thousands perish around the world every day, particularly the worlds non-White populous.

    I was shocked and bewildered after learning that South Africa, Brazil and India were allowed to produce anitvirals for their AIDS victims only after winning a court suit. According to the information I found, many countries attempted to persuade the pharmaceuticals to reduce the cost of the medications and make the affordable to the impoverished and they were refused. Next, they attempted to get the same pharmaceuticals to make the patents available and that was refused. As a last resort, South Africa used the patents they could find and produced the drugs illegally, which resulted in what has to have been the most inhuman and synically ridiculous debate and court suit in human history.

    Unfortunately, even the low-cost drugs are to expensive for the average sub-Saharan African. My information shows that the antiretrovirals the above countries produce cost an annual $300, as apposed to $1,500, which is the cost of the same medication in Western countries. The reason is that the average sub-Saharan Africa only earns $500 per year! But, what angered me most was the discovery that wealthy Western governments refuse to allow the $14 billion dollar debt African countries owe them, monies supposedly lent to help these countries develop, be used to combat AIDS. The more I thought about it and the more a read, the more apparent a pattern, a commonality became: the color-line became.

    There must be a method to this madness! It can't be true that Western powers are allowing the AIDS virus to run rampant on the continent of Africa! After all, that's just another place in the world. The virus, if you believe medical reports, knows no borders and is genetically ignorant. So, if that's true, Western governments are risking the lives of their citizens by not making every effort to contain and eradicate the virus, right? A new AIDs strain could hit any country, including theirs, victimizing millions more, right? But, what if the virus is not genetically ignorant? What if what some medical professionals are saying is true, and it isn't a coincidence that the majority of the AIDS victims are young people of African decent? What if all we've been told about AIDs, its origin, who is vunerable to it, was fabricated? What if the color-line is deliberate?

    You may have heard voices becomming louder, claiming that AIDS is a man-made genetic killer designed to "reduce" the worlds non-White populations. A prominent phsycologist, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, in her book entitled The Isis Papers, The Keys To The Colors, supplies some background information that shows that AIDS could be the result of years of secret research. On page 298, you'll find the following passage:
    In 1932, the year before Adolph Hilter came to power in Germany, in Tuskegee, Alabama, U.S.A., another destruction was being conducted against people who were classified as non-white by peple who classified themselves as white doctors, scientists and government officials. This planned destruction was the Tuskagee Syphilis Study.

    From 1932 to 1972, a total of 40 years, United States Public Health, Macon County Health Department, Tuskegee Institute, Veterans Hospital in Tuskagee and private physicians in and around Macon County deliberately planned to withhold treatment from more than 400 Black men who were suffering from syphilis. It was verbalized that the program would be a means for getting rid of the Black people in the U.S. (This destructive deception recently ended, under pressure, in the year 1972).

    She adds to that, more documentation found on the same page:

    Very shortly thereafter, the disease which we now refer to as AIDS began to surfice in the U.S. The populations focused upon as being infected with the AIDS virus were first the white male homosexuals and the subsequently Black and Hispanic people. More specifically, the projected source of the virus was/is said to be African people who had been bitten by the African Green Monkey or the Vervet Monkey.

    In 1969, a book entitled A Survey of Chemical and Biological Warfare, by John Cookson and Judith Nottingham, published by the Monthly Review Press. the book is described in its cover as follows: "Derived from a three year study conducted by a British biochemist and geneticist and a British political scientist, the text affords a comprehensice review of material used, and policies adopted by authorities in the U.S., Canada, Great Britain, and West Germany." It also states that it "...provides one of the most comprehensive views on the subject of chemical and biological warfare written for the layman, The authors, who were well qualified, produced a vast amount of documentation of the use and research on these types of weapons." On p. 322. at the bottom of the page, the authors state,

    The question of whether new diseases could be used is of considerable interest, Vervet monkey disease (African Green Monkey Disease) may well be an example of a whole new class of disease-causing organisims. Handling of blood and tissue without precaution causes infection. It is unaffected by any antibiotic substance so far tried and is unrelated to any other organism. It causes fatality in some cases and can be venereally transmitted in man. In the words of Dr.C.E.Gordon Smith, 'it has possible potential as an infectious disease of man. It presumably is also of BW (biological warfare) interest. New diseases are continually appearing (chikungunya and o'nyong-nyong fever for example). In addition to these there are the possibilites of virus and bacteria being genetically manipulated to produce 'new' organisims.

    On p. 110 in the same book (bottom of page), they state,

    Just recently a great deal of useful work has been done on the Vervet Monkey Disease (African Green Monkey Disease) which caused seven deaths in Germany. Reports of progress were: 'sent to 40 laboratories all over the world; 9 of these have been supplied with infective material and/or antisera [vaccine]: 4 in the USA and one each in Germany, Panama, South Africa, Uganda and the USSR. A non-infective complement fixing antigen has been prepared to the WHO (World Health organization) reference laboratories.'

                 -Hansard, May 1968

    After reading that, it's wasn't difficult for me to begin to think differently about SARS, the Bird Flu, hundreds of people suddenly becomming ill in Chechenya. Books and articles like the following offered more evidence than I needed to conceive that these accusations are well within reason:

    Germ Warfare Against America: Part IIIc&d - U.S. Government Involvement In Biological Warfare
    The following article describes what is believed by some to be the first use of biological weapons! 1(footnote here!)
    Biological Warfare in Eighteenth-Century North America: Beyond Jeffery Amherst
    World Action
    The United States and Biological Warfare: Secrets from the Early Cold War and Korea by Stephen Endicott, Edward Hagerman, published by Indiana University Press
    Germs : Biological Weapons and America's Secret War (Hardcover) by Judith Miller, Stephen Engelberg, William Broad

    And, there are many more likes these to be found!

    Then, at AVERT.ORG I found this at the bottom of the page:
    Clearly, there are major challenges involved in organising provision of medication in resource-poor countries, but it is very positive that an attempt is finally being made. Over the next two years, a few hundred thousand lives should be saved, and although this is only a fraction of those who might be helped, we are now in a situation where some progress could be made, given the political motivation.

    Unfortunately, as of June 2005, the WHO 3 by 5 plan to bring ARV [antiretroviral] treatment to 3 million people in developing countries by 2005 appeared to be suffering from insufficient political motivation to provide the necessary funding. Whilst many promises have been made, not enough countries have shown any willingness to provide financing to the WHO to carry out its 3 by 5 plan.

    AIDS killed 3.1 million people during 2004, and it looks likely that the figure for 2005 will be no lower, in spite of the good intentions of wealthier countries and the promises that have been made. If this shocking and preventable death rate is to be reduced then promises must be turned into action, money must be released to the agencies who need it, and these agencies must work together deliver the drugs, care and education to the people to whom they have been promised.

    Suddenly I found my self asking: What if what we are witnessing is nothing more than the ugly face of an even uglier exercise of world power, Western power?

    Does anyone know what happened to the "infective material" written about above? Obviously this dangerous material was being researched for the fun of it, right? Medical professionals and scientists, as we all know, are battling each other to be the first to reasearch these materials, at the risk of fatal contamination. But, the fact that the W.H.O. was also involved shocked me beyond belief. Isn't this the organization founded for the sole purpose of bringing health care to the poor. Why would it be interested in researching such materials? With very little effort, I found a few unpleasant answers.

    The W.H.O. has been applying "experimental" vaccines on the worlds innocent, poor, non-White populations for years:

    1. 100 million Africans living in Central Africa were innoculated with a smallpox vaccine contaiminted with the AIDS virus in the 1970's.
    2. Measles vaccine developed in Yugoslavia, tested on 1,500 Black and Latino poor between 1989-1991.
    3. Female Mexicans, Nicaraguans and Filipinos were given a Tetanus vaccine in 1995 that could cause miscariage and sterilization.
    4. Also in 1999 a vaccine against "rotarvirus", which causes most childhood diarrhea was given to over a Million infants.
    And there is no way this could have occured without those who finance the organization having prior knowledge: Western governments! Is the World Health Organization really the Worlds Hazard Organization? It, along with the Western governments that support it, have been (not so secretly) implementing the demise of the worlds non-White populous for years! But, what isn't clear is -- why?

    What would the world's powers, Western powers -- both military and economic, have to gain from the anihilation of millions of non-Whites around the world? According to official documents, they already control almost all of the world's trade, resouces, minerals, to include the production, growth and sale of all foods, goods and medicines. Right?

    ******* There is more to come on this! Please be patient. I should have part-two soon. *******

    But, who cares about that! "America, the world is in a crisis", they say. Well as long as that crisis doesn't show its ugly face at my breakfast table....

    Kushánd Fantí
    (Date: 27.10.2022; Last edited: 27.10.2022)

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